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High quality fancy yarns

Yarns made from premium materials

Immediately it imposes itself on the market as a high-level enterprise for the dynamism with which it operates in the sector and for the advanced technology it has at its disposal.

Its own extremely innovative machinery, in addition to ensuring an excellent product, allows the company to keep up with the diversified demands of the market.

The raw materials purchased and their combinations ensure that the production is of excellent quality and among the most imaginative. For each season Filcompany is able to offer always different fancy yarns in Wool, Mohair, Alpaca, for Fall/Winter and from Cotton, to Silk, to Viscose, to the finest fibers for Spring/Summer.
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For each season, Filcompany offers a wide range of fancy yarns, always different and original, intended for use in knitting and weaving. The yarns are available in a wide range of colors, counts and compositions to meet the needs of all types of projects.

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